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About Us

When Heidi Horne was a teenager, she wanted to pursue screenplay writing but quickly chickened out! Then in her late 40's she wrote a small scene for her youngest daughter, Ashley, to perform for her acting media reel.  Her older teenage daughter, Brooke, loved it and wanted her to write more. Brooke encouraged her to write for two years, but Heidi kept pushing it off for "someday." Then her kids' own creative endeavors continued to inspire her and she thought, "how can I tell my kids to be brave and just go for it in life, if they haven't seen me do it." She knew her kids were not impressed hearing about the things she accomplished in her youth, like being on a collegiate rowing team, flying airplanes and becoming an Airborne qualified, military intelligence U.S. Army officer. She knew she had to lead by example and jump out of her comfort zone! So in July 2020 Heidi finally sat down to write. She drew inspiration from her favorite mystery shows and the family, friends and beautiful lakefront area she loves. She enjoyed every minute of creating the story, characters and world, and so the screenplay Charlotte Moon Mysteries-Green on the Greens was born. Brooke was thrilled and her daughter Ashley said it would be fun to make. So, their journey into the world of film production began! 

Southern Picnic Productions, LLC was formed in August 2020 for the sole purpose of producing Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens, a family film project. However, it quickly became apparent that in order to enjoy the production process and achieve a better level of quality, they needed to bring professionals on board. Heidi was committed to pulling professionals and volunteers from the Carolinas and the southeast region. SPP and everyone involved in the making of Charlotte Moon is pleased with what they've been able to achieve with their small budget and big enthusiasm for film making. They're looking forward to delighting their audience with lovely, local scenery, charming characters and a fun, who-done it tale!